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Estee Lauder Companies, Inc are the manufacturers and distributor of high quality and prestige makeup, skincare, hair products as well as fragrances. Headquarters of this company is located in Midtown Manhattan, in the city of New York. Estee Lauder Companies shows its passion for creativity and innovation, which is then incorporated in all the aspects of their business, starting from their development of products, to packaging those products, selling, sampling as well as merchandising them along with marketing.

The company has all the financial back up and sophistication of a public company as well as high end value of a private company. They have shown care for their customers, and have seen to take a long term overview of the future. They are surely driven by ideas and passion for their company and its products.



The founder of this company is as famous as its products. The very talented businesswoman and the recipient of the presidential medal of freedom, has managed to transform her business in beauty into a gigantic company or enterprise that has managed to stock generations of home products across the globe. Initially, when she and her husband formed this company in the year 1946, the company was only comprised of four products. Estee lauder is a worldwide network of stores, a department store staple, and now a proud owner of top brands across the world including Mac, Bobbi brown and Aveda. In the year 1968, when Estee Lauder started Clinique, she started hiring dermatologists to research about the hypoallergenic, medically based skin care products as well as cosmetics. Clinique, also, has emerged to become a worldwide iconic beauty care brand like its parent company and all on in its own right.

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